A bad week for our Panthers


As they say a lot can happen in a week in football, this time last week I was signing our praises as we sat high on the Premier B ladder and were near leaders in the Winning Edge, that awards points for the wins by all of the teams that each club fields.  One week on and losses to all of our teams and we are back in the pack and up against quality this weekend.  Whilst we are back at Carey Bulleen we will need to be playing at our very best.  The senior up against SKOB’s who have demolished most teams whilst the 3rds host Beaumaris (their 3rds team play in Premier B despite their seniors playing in Premier A).  And the Unders will have a tough encounter against long term rivals Old Camberwell.


We will have learnt some valuable lessons from last week’s losses.  As expected the seniors had a real battle on their hands against the young and enthusiastic Caulfield.  Both the VAFA and Caulfield web sites this week suggested it was their best win in several years.  Hard to fathom the loss given we went 17 points up early in the 2nd quarter kicking with the aid of a 6 goal breeze, only to allow Caulfield back into the game with some poor decision making.  To Caulfield’s credit they played very well and deserved the win, the trend was similar for the 2nds too, a 2nd quarter lapse by our boys cost us any chance of winning.  The 3rds were admirable in defeat, losing to SKOB’s at TH King.  SKOB’s have very good depth so it was a good effort to push them all the way, but in the end we play to win and that was not achieved.  The Unders had a big road trip out to Mernda to take on co ladder leaders Old Ivanhoe.  Despite some good passages of play the Hoes were too good.  Time will tell if we have learnt from these 4 losses, despite being in the game at times we wasted our chances and allowed the opposition to take control.


So back to Bulleen again this week.  Cookie has been busy again and has secured Paul Daffey, a local football almanac.  Paul is a freelance journalist and specialises in reporting on the local football throughout Victoria.  Paul also writes for the Age and is a lead guest on SEN Thursday night Radio show the “Bush & the Burbs”, hosted by SEN’s Mark Fine (Finey), Paul will share with us some great local football stories.


We will also have FOXTEL visiting us in the afternoon, so look out for the FOXTEL JEEP near Dunshea.  Foxtel is committed to help the local football scene and offers some fantastic rewards to clubs.  If you are an existing Foxtel subscriber then all we ask is that you follow this link to align yourself with Old Carey so we can win some Sherrin footballs and other equipment.  The link is HERE.  So come down to the game and assign your Foxtel subscription to Old Carey. The more subscriptions we get the more rewards we earn.


If you can’t get to the game but want to keep up to date with the scores then visit the VAFA’s website at www.vafa.com.au and look for the button on the left hand side LIVE SCORES and then select Premier B, scores will be regularly updated throughout the game.


Hoping you can make it to Bulleen and support the boys tomorrow, it will be another great day’s football.





Paul Newton







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