Friday May 31st 2013

More of the same but we roll on!

Round 7 was another tough day for our boys, losses to our 3 senior teams however another excellent win by our improving Unders.  It was meant to be a PANTHER day as we had all 4 teams at home with the seniors, 2nds and 3rds all hosting Uni Blacks whilst our Unders up against Bulleen Road neighbours Marcellin.

The three senior teams found Blacks to be very big, slick and skilful.  Coming up from Premier B grade last season; Blacks have quickly become a formidable football club and are setting the standard.  Our seniors again played some very good patches of play; in particular the 3rd quarter where we kicked 4 unanswered goals to get with 9 points before Blacks got more of the ball and drew away.  The 2nds had better depth and were not disgraced, it was great to see some of our injured players returning, in particular new recruit Tom Harley who bagged 5 goals up forward.  The 3rds were valiant but simply outnumbered by a vastly fitter and taller opposition that had a very good game plan.

The Unders continue to take steps forward and racked up their 2nd win for the season, after an indifferent start the boys have enjoyed two consecutive weeks of good football, they are skilful and when they work together they are capable of playing damaging football.  It must be acknowledged that the seniors have benefitted from having both James Gaff and Andrew Sloan up from the Unders, they have acquitted themselves very well at the senior level and will be all the better when they do return to the Unders in due course.  Special mention must go to our fantastic Unders coach, Michael Tarrant.  Taz is a breath of fresh air, full of passion and encouragement, he has a plan and wants all of the Unders to enjoy their last season together before they move to senior football and become the next croup of Panthers to lead our club.

Looking to this week we are away to Xavs at Toorak Park, whilst the 3rds are home to Uni Blues and the Unders away to Uni Blacks.  Toorak Park has found memories for us; we had an historic victory there two years back, beating Xavs in our 1st season in Premier A grade.  Whilst there will be some different personal involved this time the memory is still fresh and the boys are excited to have another crack.  Xavs have been in very good form and have wonderful depth; all the same we will be ready and keen to try ourselves out again against the renowned Premier A grade club.

Saturday promises to be a big one as the boys have arranged a massive PANTHER MUSIC FEST at SEVEN Nightclub straight after the Xavs game, details in the body of this report.

Next week is a bye as it the Queen’s birthday weekend so the timing is good to give our boys a much needed break and reset there focus on the back end of the season. Next home game Saturday 15th June v Beaumaris.

See you at Toorak Park!






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