Friday May 24th 2013


The frustrations continue

Round 6, May 18 ended up being another bad weekend for our Panther teams, with 2 senior losses to Scotch, a 3rds loss to De La and a hard fought loss by our vastly improved Unders against top team Werribee. Our 2013 misfortune continues despite the group’s commitment and outstanding leadership being demonstrated by the coaches.  Whilst we are all very disappointed with the season so far I can report that the effort being put in during the week by our leadership group and coaches is unwavering and very focused.

This week at the club has been busy, the players led a Monday night recovery session away from the coaches, we had 40 plus attend.  Tuesday night was training as usual with a strong emphasis on skills defensive work and contested ball, this was followed by a 2 hour in depth meeting by our the coaches, certain committee members and the leadership group.  Many of the boys spent Wednesday night working on the club’s upcoming (June 1st go to the OC Facebook for more info) Carey Music Festival to be held at SEVEN Night club.  Thursday was an upbeat training session with time off on Friday ahead of the weekend’s game.

Looking at the playing group initiatives, the boys have organised 4 Monday 6.00am spin classes commencing this coming Monday, whilst non-compulsory I am sure there will be a good numbers attending and provide plenty of support towards each other.  On that subject the players have divided the playing list up into groups of 4 and appointed a leader within each group so as to allow mentoring to develop and an environment where the boys can support each other and take a special interest in each other’s progress.

Turning to this week we have all 4 teams at Carey Bulleen with the seniors hosting UNI BLACKS who have started the season very well.  We have INNER FM calling the game and we have our customary pre match lunch with the Chairman of the Collingwood FC Foundation, Peter Murphy attending as our special guest.

So all we need is for you to venture out and give us your support, this Saturday afternoon at Bulleen is the only place you should be.




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