Wins at this time of the year are vital,  it's holiday season!


Being deep into winter now and with Uni holidays in full swing and a bye round the looming tradition has it that the players head off, either take a quick break or do extensive travel.  Speaking to a number of Amateur clubs they are at that time of the season too so we are not on our own.  It’s interesting to make some comparisons of our senior playing list (excluding regular 3rds and Unders) from pre-season to as it stands now:


  • Season’s commencement, 75 senior players vying for spots in 1st and 2nds
  • Thursday 3rd July: 49 players available for selection
  • Injured 9
  • Overseas 14
  • Left the club 4


As you can imagine it becomes a real challenge for the coaches, many changes and temporary fixes.  All the same we have been able to get senior games into several players that may not have otherwise had that opportunity.  The good news is we do get several back after the break (July 12).  The tough gig is coaching the 3rds, Ocka can never get a settled team as his boys inevitably get pushed up in the 2nds to cover absence.  The other pain is the off field roles, which are usually filled by the injured player and anyone surplus.  A lot of pressure is placed on the TM’s in particular Alan Fotheringham, Alan has assumed the role of coordinating the game day tasks, typically water boys, 2nds goal and boundary umpires, runners, umpires escorts, ground manager, time keeper, interchange attendant, scoreboard attendant etc.  Alan does a magnificent job given it’s a thankless task, so please if he approaches you put your hand up.  Even better volunteer, I know Alan would be thrilled; you can email him via


Good wins last week for the seniors and 2nds against Mazenod, the seniors needed to get back on the winners list and did so despite some injured players early on in the game.  The 2nds registered a well-deserved win after a great deal of persistence in previous rounds; it was their first 4 quarter game in a while.  The 3rds were pipped by Fitzroy and the Unders minus 9 players lost to a very good Marcellin, special thanks to several school boys that played, more again this week.


We have another life member to recognize this week, Jack Joslin is set to play his 150tt (bruised calf permitting).  We paid tribute to Jack after training last night with former coach Trevor Rowe speaking on behalf of the club and Jack’s team mates.  Jack is a true panther, selfless in his approach and fearless in his attack at the ball always placing the team first.  Jack was a vital member of our historic 2010 Premier B premiership side and acquitted himself in Premier A as a tagging back man, often given the job to run with and shut down the oppositions dangerous small onballers/forward.  Supremely fit Jack looks after himself in his approach to football as well as in his professional life; Jack is a relieving school teacher and hoping to land a permanent appointment.  Jack was instrumental in getting Tom Roach to the club this season; they have a great friendship stemming from their school days at Carey.  On behalf of everyone within the OC football community congratulations Jack, we are thrilled to have you as a life member.




Looking to this weekend we are all away in must win games, the seniors take on a dangerous Old Ivanhoe, whilst the 3rds go bayside to Old Brighton and the Unders a road trip to Williamstown, CYMS awaits.


Next weekend is a bye before we return home and host Caulfield, lunch will be on again so stay tuned.  In the meantime rug up and get out this weekend and find us at one of those venues, your support is always welcome, especially in this cold winter weather.





Paul Newton







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