Friday 16th August


Hopefully a valuable lesson was learnt


History will remember our big loss last weekend to Xavs as a day Old Carey was handed a football lesson and that’s exactly how we must treat it.  That is a lesson we remember and use to our advantage as we pick up the pieces this weekend and for the remainder of the season and as we prepare for 2014 in Premier B grade.  There is no doubt Xavs are a power house club and their seniors are a very very good unit with size, strength and skill across all lines.  And they have the ability to attract quality players; former Demon and 2013 Essendon VFL player Mathew Bate transferred to Xavs just before the June cut off and is now ripping it up for them as they look set to take on all comers this year in the finals.  They have a great game plan and depth, having said that we beat them in 2011 and pushed them in the two home and away games last season only losing by 10 points on each occasion.  So the lesson for us is all about player retention and recruiting in the off season, bringing to the club a blend of experience and enthusiasm.  Whilst it’s unlikely we will be able to match Xav’s in terms of depth of list (given they have 7 teams) we know how they prepare and play and that is a winning formula that has stood up now for many years.


Our 2nds played a flood style game aimed at stopping Xavs from running free and scoring, it worked and the boys can be proud of the end result, like their seniors their 2nds have great depth and have 2 3rds teams to choose from when they need to call on players (not to mention a club 18 team and 2 Unders teams).  The 3rds played the game to the end against Old Scotch and were within winning range until deep into the last quarter.  The Unders continue to play good football; this time with some school boys playing they had a great win over Uni Blacks.


It certainly is a tough time for the club and coaches as we have a huge number of unavailable senior players, all up 27 who are either done with season ending injuries or are unavailable for various reasons.  With this number it does in part explain why we have struggled in 2013 as the season has worn on.  I was contacted by the VAFA during the week concerning respect towards umpires, Michael Sholly (CEO VAFA) wrote:

As we approach the conclusion of the season I have noticed a disturbing trend over the past few weeks in the amount of reports for player abuse of umpires and continual questioning of their decisions. As the consequences of winning and losing are heightened at this time of year; coaches, players and supporters are all under a little more pressure and therefore more sensitive to umpiring decisions. This is not an excuse to blame the officials or even resort to threatening behaviour.  This is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

In our strategic plan one of our values is to provide an environment that delivers a safe and rewarding experience for all participants. Continually questioning umpiring decisions, arguing and indeed threatening umpires would not make for a rewarding experience.

I would ask that all clubs speak to their players at training this week and highlight to them the importance of umpires, the vital role they play in the game and the need for them to show self-discipline. If they can’t then the consequences to the club and player can be severe.


I trust all at Old Carey take note; you all have been excellent this year despite it being a very tough season.


3 games left before we get a season’s end small break, although there is a heap of things going on off field as we plan for 2014.  We are at home tomorrow and have a chance to show the comp that Old Carey can still play good football, Old Scotch beckon, wouldn’t it be nice to get some revenge after last year’s gut wrenching loss at home.  We have all 4 teams at Bullen and will be playing the 2nds on Dunshea ahead of the seniors.  Cookie’s Kitchen is again trading with the theme being a Supporters Lunch then we head to the Albert Park Hotel for a Cocktail evening and a chance to have some fun.  We are away next week to Beaumaris then back at home for our last game in A grade v De La and a chance to see the legends play again.


So please make the effort and venture out to Bulleen tomorrow we have all 4 teams at home and it would be great to get your support and voice, a win against Scotch is on if we can bring our A grade game and you should be part of that.











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