Mixed results for Round 9 with our 2nds, 3rds and Unders all coming up short.  However the seniors played out a cracker of a game v Old Scotch (OS) at Camberwell Sports Ground and won in another nail bitting affair.

OS have been doing well in 2012 both on and off field and under the new presidency of David McCleery, OS appointed a new coaching panel, new committee members and even went as far as to source new modified jumpers.  Sitting at 6 and 2 before the game and at home OS were confident, the match was preceded by a large lunch so the scene was set for a great game with plenty in the crowd.  Scores changed many times throughout the day and at the siren it was Old Carey that won in an epic game.  Trevor and the boys were fantastic, late changes to the team, the introduction of untried senior players, playing away and heavy conditions did not stop our boys from charging to victory.  I must say we have a wonderful group of loyal supporters too.  The Panther faithfuls were in full voice and matched their OS counterparts.  It was a great day for Trevor's seniors, now with 4 wins on the board we must regroup again quickly as we are home this weekend to St Bedes, a club we are yet to beat in Premier A.  A win keeps our run at finals alive; a loss makes it all the more difficult.

For those of you that could get to the ground or weren’t able to get into our rooms after the game, enjoy the You Tube clip below of our boys celebrating:


And those that want to see the highlights of our 4th quarter come from way back win over Old Trinity have a look at this clip:


In closing take a moment to read Ian England’s 3rds game report from last weekend (in the body of this report), the 3rds didn’t win but that doesn’t stop Ian from expressing how proud he was of the boys that played 3rds football for the club last weekend.

This weekend come to Carey Bulleen and support us in another must win encounter, miss it at your peril!


Go Panthers!

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