Friday 9th August


Plans are being made!!!




Whilst our time in Premier Division is now most likely to finish in 4 weeks we refuse to wallow in lost opportunities, rather continue to learn and prepare to use 2014 as a season to regain our strength and improved depth.  This has started with a player questionnaire whereby all players will be asked to indicate their likely commitment and availability for 2014.  In addition we have asked the players to express their motivations an any recommendations they have with regards the football program and areas for improvement.




We will table the results at our August committee meeting (13/08) and then meet with the coaches the following Monday night.  This will allow us to provide any constructive feedback to the coaches as well as provide them with the likely playing list including any players that may have travel plans already in motion for 2014.




It will be a busy weekend at Carey Bulleen this Saturday as the school has been asked to host the annual APS representative games where these teams play against their AGS equivalents, the games cover all the winter sports for both boys and girls.  This will mean the facilities will be busy earlier but be finished by the time our seniors start.  All 4 teams will be at home this weekend, with the seniors and 2nds taking on Xavs, the 3rds up against Old Scotch and the Unders have a crack against Uni Blacks.




We have a great lunch on up in Cookies Kitchen with the VAFA CEO, Michael Sholly as our guest.  We are home again next week taking Old Scotch before an away trip to Beaumaris then home again for our last game against De La, this will start with another legends game and a customary big lunch.




On field we continue to recognized with Ben Smithwick and Lauchie McQueen Miscamble being invited to represent the VAFA in its Ireland tour in October.  The club is thrilled to have the boys participate and will dedicate\ some fund raising to assist with the costs, and you know what that means, you may have to buy some more raffle tickets and come to some more lunches before the season finishes!




Unfortunately I will be away this weekend but I am sure the boys will play positive football and give Xavs a Bulleen welcome.  So please make the effort and join us for the afternoon, it means a lot to have support and show the competition that we may be down but definitely not out!















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