Timely break after the Artic freeze!


I hope everyone enjoyed a few weeks off and away from footy, couldn’t have picked a better couple of Saturdays to have a rest, WINTER has well and truly set in.  This was all care of the  VAFA’s initiative where it wanted to trail a double break allowing players to get away and everyone have a good break.  I know a number of our players headed off, some interstate some overseas.  The VAFA had some detractors when it first announced the trail but I am certain they will now be praised for it.  The coaches had some reservations but I know they all enjoyed it and need a break too.  However we are back now and have 7 games remaining to play out before finals beckons if we are good enough.  Here is our senior’s home run, starting with Beaumaris this week; our R1 opponent’s where we had a draw.



Round 12

Saturday, Jul 18

Old Carey vs. Beaumaris

Carey Sports Complex

Round 13

Saturday, Jul 25

Old Carey vs. De La Salle

Carey Sports Complex

Round 14

Saturday, Aug 01

Old Trinity vs. Old Carey

Daley Oval Trinity Playing Fields

Round 15

Saturday, Aug 08

Old Carey vs. Old Scotch

Carey Sports Complex

Round 16

Saturday, Aug 15

Old Carey vs. University Blues

Carey Sports Complex

Round 17

Saturday, Aug 22

Collegians vs. Old Carey

Harry Trott Oval

Round 18

Saturday, Aug 29

St Bernards vs. Old Carey

St Bernards College



With 4 of the 7 remaining games being played at home this gives us plenty of confidence, regardless they are all massive games especially in the context of the current ladder, look at us in 3rd spot down to Old Scotch in 8th spot.




For those that didn’t catch up with the results from 2 weeks back, R11 June 27th:

Seniors: OC 11/9/75 defeated Old Xavs 9/13/67

2nds: OC 3/8/26 lost to Old Xavs 16/23/119 

3rds: OC 11/13/79 lost to AJAX Black 11/14/80

Unders: OC 14/7/91 defeated Ormond 10/8/68



I have to spend a moment and talk about our magnificent seniors win last Round over the Old Xavs at Xavier College on the Roach Oval.  I was advised no other club has beaten Xavs whilst in A grade on the Roach.  It was a day we should all savour.  We had demolished Xavs at Bulleen early on in the season and in doing so had certainly poked the bear!  They were embarrassed by that result and were hell bent on making amends.  It was to be a gala day for Xavs as they had the school to themselves and had 5 games scheduled plus a big lunch with 150 attending to recognise the efforts of several retiring champions.  Selection wise they appeared a much better team, the inclusion of their captain Darvell plus a handy pick up, Luke Ball meant we would face a much more experienced Xavs team.  There was a good crowd along and you sensed they wanted redemption.  Well it was all Xavs to half time, with Xavs holding a lead of 2 goals we seemed to be 2nd to the ball and unable to stop their run.  Despite Xavs getting out to a 30 point lead at one stage in the 3rd quarter it appeared Xavs had stalled with our boys starting to win the ball and move it cleanly, we had whittled their lead down to 3 goals at the break.  The last quarter was tense as Xavs threw everything at us in a bid to score, our back line was magnificent, everyone lifted and we were relentless, we pilled on the last 5 goals unanswered to win by 8 points.  The scenes afterwards really told the tale, Xavs gutted Panthers elated.  I have never heard our song belted our any loader or with more passion, everyone who witnessed the game will cherish it for a long time.  Who would have thought Old Carey could bring Xavs down twice in the one season, and make history in doing so.  With games to follow v Scotch and Collegians it would be nice to get them too.



Looking now at the other Round 11 Panther games.  The 2nds found it tough going against Xavs.  The Xavs depth was noticeable and they were able to maintain a constant game plan throughout the entire match, winning comfortably.  Credit to our 2nds, knocked about by injuries the 22 that took the field had a real crack.   The 3rds won by default as AJAX Reds couldn’t get a team up.  The 3rds though played last week, in a catch up match against AJAX Blacks, it was a cracking game with both teams playing very attacking football, sadly AJAX got up on the siren to win by a point, I know the guys were gutted.  All the same we can be proud of them coming to AJAX’s support and playing the game on Sunday when everyone else was enjoying a week off.  The Unders played a great game to get over Ormond, it was a special game as we had school boys (YR12 Will Nichols) playing who hadn't tasted a win for some time.  The boys came from behind to overrun Ormond and get the points.  Taz was brilliant in the rooms post match leading the singing of our song.



I had a look at the team we put on the park against Xavs last round and compared it to our 2014 Premier B grand final team, amazingly we had 11 players in last week’s team that for one reason or another didn’t play in the GF team.  Here are the differences:

Players missing from the Xavs game: Al Stewart-Holmes retired, Pat Cremean playing 2nds, James Courtot playing 2nds, Matthew Laidlaw retired, Lach MM overseas, Jarrod Reid injured, Jack Joslin retired, Glen Parker and Tom Roach both playing elsewhere and Harry Moore playing 2nds.

New players last week: Sam Cust, Jules Rowe Dimi Dimkopoulos, James King, Morgan Evans, Freddie Cator, James Gaff, Jacob Murphy, Rhett Mitchellhill, Tim Smith and James Rimington.






Special thanks to all that step up and help out on game day.  In particular the time keeping, interchange attendant, scoreboard, water carriers etc.  Thanks last round to injured players James Murrie and Luke Crozier as well as Yr8 school boy Lucas Hudson for running water.  Special thanks to 2nds captain, Scott Gordon who, although injured stepped up and did the 2nds TM role in Fothers absence, so too Tony Cushen for time keeping.  I know the TM’s were very grateful.






Congratulations to CJ on his 100 game milestone this weekend.  Cam is part of our leadership group and co VC of the seniors.  It has been a tough journey for Cam, after captaining the U19’s in 2009 it wasn’t long before he broke into the senior team.  Blessed with great endurance and height Cam has become a key member of our forward set up and plays the hard running role at CHF as well as a bit in the ruck too.  He was part of the VAFA’s victorious U23 national carnival team in 2011 and was rewarded with All Australian selection as the full forward.  CJ has experienced his fair share of setbacks too with several bad injuries.  Most notable his very badly broken ankle in our R1 2012 clash v St Bedes, it required extensive surgery and set CJ back 2 seasons.  This year he had a bad cheekbone break that also needed surgery.  Cam hasn’t let these setbacks stop him.  He is inspirational in his commitment to the club and his team mates as a role model in training and game day preparation, we hope there are many more to come.



PAST PLAYERS LISTEN UP, Sat 8th August and counting…………

The Legend day is back at Carey Bulleen, Saturday 8th August.  Starting at 9.30am with the traditional game on Dunshea followed by the lunch then a gathering in the scoreboard with Handsie.  Kanga is running the show again and has already enlisted a formidable squad.  It's time all past players got to Carey Bulleen and showed your support.  With the club in A grade its time you all showed up and enjoyed the ride.  Interested, then contact Kanga either at CamM@hawthornfc.com.au  or 0419 134 181.  Here is an extract from Cam’s most recent email:


Boys, we've had a good response from past Legends and getting towards the required number. We currently have 38 which include a few that needed to confirm.  The list is below, please update as required...also listed some blokes to target if you can help. 50 is the ideal number from a hammy and fundraising perspective:


  • Playing and lunching: Matt Curry, Peter Tiras, Matthew James, Cam Smith, Andrew Kent, Jack McNamara, Tim Angus, Paul Graham, Nick Vas, John Raft, Chris Withington, Bruce Cohen TBC, Andrew Oppy, Richard Oppy TBC, Paul Bryce, Al McQueen Parton, Cam Campbell, George Cotsonis (arrive late), Jack Joslin TBC, James White , Chris Hickey TBC, Nic Everett, Peter Nowland, Dino Faelis, Tim Wood, Rob Josephs, Simon Wood, Alby TBC, David Wright, Marcus Nance, Trevor Rowe TBC, Jon Mai, Dale James, Steve Collins TBC, Ben Dunshea, Damian Shutie TBC, Callum Phillips TBC, Cam Matthews.


  • Lunch but no footy: Beersy, Mick Watts, Dan Lawrence, Stephen Lord and John Hands


  • On the hit list (please help with recruitment):  Mark Yarnall, Hamish Morrison, Kelvin Shrives, Cam Mason, Tim Moulton, Peter Nance, Chris Smith, Chris Anderson, Richard Evans, Michael Lord, Peter Busse, Rick Daniels, Ross Dickins, Peter Drake, Andy Drever, Richard Hearn, Simon Jackson, Simon LeGear, Wes Mudge, Craig Popplewell, Tim Price, Felix Hakins, Andrew Jackson, Brett Birkill, Geoff Trumble, Matt Angus, Tom Wigney, Peter Hogan, and Simon Jones.



So in closing we are back in business with vital matches on this weekend, so please get out and join us if you can.  We don’t want you to miss out on witnessing your club in A grade, you should be very proud.  So see you at Bulleen tomorrow.




Paul Newton, President, OCGFC





Round 12 and where will you find us?
The two week bye came at the prefect time, we are back in action now with our sights firmly set on more crucial games and some needed wins. Seniors and 2nds host Beaumaris, Mazenod 3rds come to Bulleen, whilst the Under are away to Xavs. Read More...



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